Engine Test Cell Cooling

Premium quality heat exchangers and oil coolers for precise temperature control of engines under test cell development conditions.

Bowman heat exchangers have been proven at the very highest level for automotive engine testing in everything from leading F1 motorsport teams, engine development organisations to premium automotive OEMs. These companies rely on Bowman cooling efficiency and operational reliability to deliver consistent results for their testing programmes.

Bowman manufacture probably the most complete range of cooling solutions for engine test cell cooling. All are quality precision units that can be used to remove heat from virtually every part of the engine; from jacket water cooling and turbo charged induction air cooling, to fuel, oil and transmission cooling. Bowman can provide a high efficiency heat exchanger for all applications.

For ethanol rich fuels, Bowman also offer a fuel cooler specially designed to handle the special demands that these fuels place on a system, which would inevitably lead to premature failure of conventional fuel coolers.

And with the constant goal of improving energy efficiency, Bowman can also offer an exhaust gas heat exchanger, which enables waste heat from the test engine to be recovered and used for space or process heating within the building.

Most models are available for rapid ex-stock delivery and are fully supported with technical advice and a comprehensive replacement parts service.