Electric & Hybrid Marine

The reliable solution for cooling Electric & Hybrid Marine Propulsion Systems.

For over 80 years, Bowman has provided efficient cooling solutions to the marine industry with quality heat exchangers, renowned worldwide for their performance and durability.

Now with the drive towards reducing CO2 emissions, Bowman is again at the forefront of cooling technology, providing a range of high performance heat exchangers to suit the demands of both electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems.

Electric Marine Propulsion Systems

With battery technology constantly improving, electric powered propulsion systems, offering 100 kW and beyond are now a reality for an increasing range of marine applications.

For such applications, cooling requirements can include the battery pack and on-board charger (where fitted), AC-DC converter, DC-DC converter, plus the electric drive motor itself.

Hybrid Marine Propulsion Systems

For hybrid power systems, there may be additional equipment to be cooled, such as the hybrid control unit, the combined electric motor/generator, plus the engine itself.

However, one important issue is the amount of heat generated, which must be controlled within pre-determined limits, to ensure the propulsion system operates reliably and efficiently.

As many electric and hybrid propulsion systems are designed to operate with sea water temperatures up to 35 °C, attention must be paid to the cooling system and here Bowman can provide an efficient, marine specification solution to suit virtually any application.

Proven in ‘Leading Edge’ Electric and Hybrid Installations

Bowman heat exchangers have successfully completed sea trials with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and hybrid propulsion systems and are proven to provide an efficient, reliable cooling solution, even when used with sea water of 35 °C on 100 kW plus propulsion systems.

Product Programme

Bowman offer a comprehensive range of marine specification shell and tube heat exchangers and oil coolers. The combination of compact design, for easier integration and ultra-efficient heat transfer performance, have made them the popular choice for OEMs, system integrators and boat builders.

Easy Product Selection

Finding the right Bowman heat exchanger for your application couldn’t be simpler. Just call our technical sales team on +44 (0)121 359 5401 and provide them with basic information, including:

Heat to be dissipated in kW
Water flow rate on l/min
Maximum water temperature in °C
Cooling water temperature