Marine Hydraulic Cooling

A complete solution for cooling complex on-board hydraulic equipment, including thruster and stabiliser systems.

As one of leading manufacturers’ marine hydraulic cooling systems, Bowman has over 60 years’ experience providing reliable and efficient oil coolers to suit the demands of the marine industry in a range of applications, including power packs, winches, deck equipment, power steering, thrusters, stabilisers and compressors.

Bowman shell and tube heat exchangers are proven worldwide. All oil coolers are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and feature a precision-engineered, fully floating tube stack, which minimises thermal stresses and provides efficient heat transfer and low pressure drop. The range includes models offering sea water flow rates from 50 l/min to 900 l/min and all models are available with either cupronickel or titanium tube stacks for long life durability.

Whilst ‘single pass’ oil coolers are often the preferred choice for sea water cooling, Bowman also offer three-pass and two-pass units to suit installation requirements and customer preferences. For further details download our Hydraulic Oil Cooler product brochure.