Marine Propulsion Cooling

The complete cooling solution for marine engine propulsion, including the latest electric and hybrid systems.

For over 60 years, Bowman heat exchangers and oil coolers have been cooling marine propulsion systems around the world. Renowned for their excellent heat transfer performance and long-life durability in the most challenging installations, Bowman shell and tube heat exchangers provide a highly efficient solution for cooling engine jacket water, engine lubrication systems, turbo intercoolers plus gearboxes and transmissions.

Bowman header tank heat exchangers are designed for cooling engine jacket water. They feature a large reservoir area above the integral tube stack that eliminates the problem of air pockets or air locks getting into the coolant stream, improving cooling reliability.

Cooling incoming turbo-charged air is vital to maintaining the performance and efficiency of modern marine engines and Bowman’s charge air cooler (intercooler) range provides efficient heat transfer, cooling the incoming air, to provide a dense charge for better combustion efficiency and improved engine performance.

For engine, gearbox and transmission cooling, Bowman offer a comprehensive range of oil coolers specially designed for marine industry applications.

Whilst often imitated, the quality and durability of genuine Bowman marine heat exchangers is seldom matched, which is why they provide a longer operational life and higher efficiency cooling compared with many others.

And now, with the marine industry moving towards a new era of eco-sensitive, electric and hybrid propulsion systems, Bowman are again at the forefront, providing efficient cooling solutions for the electric motors and generators, hybrid control units and battery packs integral to this new generation of propulsion systems.