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You can view our heat exchangers at any of the exhibitions or events listed below, where experienced staff will be on hand to discuss your requirements. Also, why not check out the latest news and product developments too!


    Piscine Global Europe

    17 Nov - 20 Nov 2020

    See us on stand 5B34, at Europe’s leading swimming pool show, in Lyon, France.  Click here to visit the exhibition website.

    Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo 2021

    22 Jun - 24 Jun 2021

    See our range of heat exchangers suitable for cooling electrical equipment on stand 2055.  Visit the website for the Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo 2021.

    Splash Expo 2021

    25 Aug - 26 Aug 2021

    See the range of Bowman swimming pool heat exchangers on the Hi Tech Pacific stand.


Bowman Intercoolers save the day and thousands of dollars!

Mark Tripi had a problem. He needed two intercoolers to replace failed units on two diesel engines on his boat. The problem was that having scoured the country, only one OEM replacement was available anywhere in the USA! The other problem was the price – $5,000.00 US – and he needed two! Winding the story…

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The path to Nirvana – Bowman heat exchangers!

We often have our best ideas when we’re relaxing. And so it was for John Barley who, whilst relaxing on holiday in Spain thought how wonderful it would be to re-create this same holiday feeling at home. So, once back in the UK, that seed of an idea germinated and Nirvana Spa was born. The…

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Down on the farm with Bowman

Oulton House Farm is a 500 acre dairy farm located on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border. In addition to its dairy herd, the farm has diversified into tourism, converting its traditional barns into seven high quality holiday cottages. Owner, Arthur Palmer, planned to replace the existing oil fired heating with a renewable energy system to reduce energy…

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Bowman score in Argentina!

The Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium in Cordoba, Argentina has a long and illustrious sporting history. Located 10 km. from the centre of Argentina’s second city, it was chosen as the host venue for the first match of the 1978  FIFA World Cup Tournament. Peru played Scotland, and the result was a 3 – 1 triumph…

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Essential Reading for Keeping Cool

In just a few years, electric and hybrid propulsion has gone from an industry in its infancy, to being adopted as a mainstream propulsion option by many sectors of the marine industry. Whilst this increasing level of acceptance is often driven by emissions legislation in many parts of the world, there are also numerous operational…

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Keep cool to extend life and maintain performance

Whilst electrical propulsion systems are generally more tolerant of temperature increases, compared to traditional combustion engines, there is an important area where higher temperatures can have a detrimental effect on the performance of the components within a drivetrain. Tests undertaken by leading manufacturers show that in order to maintain performance and extend the operating life…

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Bowman marine oil cooler saves a small fortune!

The original oil cooler on the Volvo Penta engine of David Berry’s Moody Eclipse 33 was manufactured from a brass tube stack in an aluminium housing. The metal had gradually corroded over its life until it leaked water, with potentially disastrous results. The OE replacement part was listed at around £700*, so Mr Berry decided…

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Bowman’s Hungarian Rhapsody

Situated on the shores of Lake Balaton, Siofok City is a major Hungarian tourism destination that has grown significantly in recent years. However, this success has brought certain problems. The expansion of tourism has put pressure on the city’s infrastructure, requiring significant investment in water treatment. Handling ‘renewable energy’ with care It was decided to…

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Bowman helps cut fuel costs at Australian vineyard

The 165 hectare Farm, 8a Benerembah in New South Wales, produces a wide range of grape varieties. Some of the vines are up to 800 m long which means the irrigation pumps require high operating pressures, making it difficult to control the fuel consumption of the system. To address this problem, Riverina Water Engineering developed…

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Turning food waste into valuable power!

Anaerobic digestion (AD) has revolutionised the way that food waste can be handled on a commercial scale. No longer is it lost to landfill, as specialist recycling companies now convert it to energy for homes and businesses. One such company is Biogen, who operate 7 recycling centres around the UK and its latest operation, located…

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Life in the fast lane

Sporting & Historic Car Engineers Ltd is one of the most successful historic motor sport specialists in the UK. Established nearly 30 years ago, they restore, service and prepare some of the most iconic and valuable sports racing cars in the world and have enjoyed consistently high levels of success in historic motorsport. Engine build…

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If you go down to the woods today – you’ll find a hot tub heating revolution!

One such organisation is Forest Holidays, a ‘leading brand’ in high quality, low density forest lodge holidays. Currently operating from 10 locations in England and Scotland, Forest Holidays have approaching 600 lodges and in keeping with customer expectations, most lodges have their own exclusive hot tub. The attraction of hot tubs Hot tubs have proved…

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Come on in, the waters lovely – now!

When Martin Durant decided to replace the oil fired heating system in his West Sussex home, he wanted a renewable energy source that would not only heat his home and hot water, but also heat his two swimming pools! Martin’s home has a 58 cu/m outdoor pool, plus a 44 cu/m indoor pool. Having researched…

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Where there’s muck there’s – energy!

A 50 kWe combined heat and power system, featuring a Bowman exhaust gas heat exchanger has enabled a Scottish farm to become energy self-sufficient, by converting organic waste into renewable energy! Located in the Scottish borders, east of Dumfries, Allerbeck Farm is a productive livestock farm extending to 430 acres with over 1400 head of…

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Energy Efficient Heating for Luxury Golf Resort

The KP Club is a prestige golf and leisure resort, set in 180 acres of the Yorkshire Wolds. The club recently opened 24 new luxury woodland lodges which offer its guests privacy, combined with the facilities of a boutique hotel. Each of the lodges has its own hot tub, supplied by Urban Cedar, who specialise…

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Driving down the cost of grain drying

In what is believed to be a world first, a Bowman exhaust gas heat exchanger has helped a new ‘closed loop’ heat recovery system dramatically reduce the amount of energy used and emissions produced, during the grain drying process at a farm in Finland. Drying is an essential part of the grain production process in…

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Energy-efficient heating for National Lido of Wales

The National Lido of Wales – also known as ‘Lido Ponty’ – is an historic family attraction and the only one of its kind in Wales. Originally opened in 1927, a £6.3 million redevelopment programme has now restored this Grade 2 listed ‘Arts & Crafts’ style Lido to its former glory and transformed it into…

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Cooling a Portuguese River Cruiser

The River Douro is one of the most beautiful and economically significant rivers in Portugal, supporting a thriving tourist industry based on river cruises that explore the upper reaches of the Douro valley. One of the leading companies operating these cruises is Barcadouro, who have operated a fleet of river cruisers from their Porto base…

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Life in the ‘deep freeze’!

For the scientists living and working on The British Antarctic Survey’s Halley VI research station, reliable heat and power isn’t a luxury, it’s a matter of life and death. Bowman heat exchangers are a key part of the CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system that provides the base with a constant and reliable energy supply,…

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Bringing affordable power to the Canadian North

Located in the Northwest Territories of Canada, Fort Providence is a small hamlet of about 800 people, approximately 2,000km north of the Canada-USA border.  Winters are very cold, with temperatures falling to -40°C, making power and heat highly valued and expensive commodities.  In 24 of 32 communities in the Northwest Territories, electricity is produced using…

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