Bowman marine oil cooler saves a small fortune!

When the oil cooler on a yacht engine failed, a £700 bill for an OE replacement was expected, but Bowman provided a solution at a fraction of the cost.

The original oil cooler on the Volvo Penta engine of David Berry’s Moody Eclipse 33 was manufactured from a brass tube stack in an aluminium housing. The metal had gradually corroded over its life until it leaked water, with potentially disastrous results.

The OE replacement part was listed at around £700*, so Mr Berry decided to look for a suitable alternative. As an experienced designer of marine equipment, he knew that brass and aluminium were not an ideal combination for use with seawater, hence the failure of the OE part. After researching the market, he decided that a Bowman DC oil cooler would offer an effective solution to the problem, as the compact design of these high performance units was particularly suitable for use with his boat’s Volvo Penta 2003T engine.

The Bowman DC cooler features a brass outer ‘shell’, with cupronickel internal tubes and is designed for mounting directly into cooling water circuit. After consulting the company’s performance guides, he selected the DC60 model to suit the 43 hp engine.

“The total cost for the Bowman cooler, a set of new hoses plus all the other fittings needed came to around £170: a substantial saving on the £700 standard item,” says Mr Berry. Installation is easy as the DC unit is available with a choice of neoprene moulded connectors, enabling direct installation into existing pipework.

Bowman DC oil coolers are ideal for a wide range of engine and transmission cooling applications and are suitable for use with engines rated up to 180 kW.


*Based on 2012 prices.