Bowman RK oil coolers – a cost-effective alternative to bespoke units

The cost of producing a bespoke heat exchanger can be prohibitive. For applications up to 1 MW, Bowman can now offer a high-performance, cost-effective alternative.

Offering heat dissipation of up to 900 kW, the recently introduced Bowman RK range of hydraulic oil coolers offers a cost-effective solution for ‘high heat load’ applications, where usually only a bespoke designed heat exchanger can achieve the level of cooling performance required.

‘’There are many advantages in selecting a ‘standard design’ heat exchanger over a bespoke unit,’’ said Bowman Commercial Director, Jamie Pratt, ‘’These include being able to specify an oil cooler of proven design and specification, with verifiable performance, that is more competitively priced and available much faster than would ever be possible compared to a bespoke designed and manufactured unit’’.

And the Bowman RK range offers just those advantages, in a compact unit of proven performance and reliability, from one of the world’s leading heat exchanger manufacturers.

Available in two sizes, the RK400 is just 1392 mm in length, yet offers heat dissipation of up to 570 kW, with a maximum oil flow of 1,450 l/min. The larger RK600, at 1900 mm long, is rated for up to 900 kW heat dissipation, with a maximum oil flow of 1,240 l/min.

Additionally, by providing the thermal requirements of the system, Bowman can use their Computer Aided Selection Programme to calculate the required performance and specify the optimum oil cooler for the application.

Designed for use with either fresh water and sea water cooling media, Bowman RK oil coolers are suitable for use in large hydraulic power units, as well as applications where high viscosity lubricating oils need to be cooled for machinery and equipment used in steel mills and other large industrial plants.

Whilst standard RK models are designed to operate with oil temperatures of up to 120 °C, high temperature versions, suitable for use with oil temperatures up to 150 °C, are also available, as are versions for use with fire- resistant fluids.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, all RK units feature a precision-engineered, fully floating tube stack, which minimises thermal stresses, provides extremely efficient heat transfer and low pressure drop.

Bowman RK oil coolers feature SAE DN102 oil flange connections on the shell side and ‘C’ coat end covers, for maximum corrosion protection. The end covers are quickly removable, allowing the tube stack to be withdrawn from the shell, for easy cleaning or routine maintenance.