Bowman score in Argentina!

Bowman heat exchangers chosen for Olympic pool at famous football stadium

The Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium in Cordoba, Argentina has a long and illustrious sporting history. Located 10 km. from the centre of Argentina’s second city, it was chosen as the host venue for the first match of the 1978 FIFA World Cup Tournament. Peru played Scotland, and the result was a 3 – 1 triumph for the South American team.

Since then, the stadium has hosted a significant amount of international sporting, music and cultural events and is a highly sought-after venue due to the range and high standard of the facilities it offers.

Primarily a football stadium with a 46,000 plus capacity, it is named after Mario Kempes, the top goal scorer in the 1978 FIFA World Cup, a native of Cordoba and one of their most successful players.

Today, in addition to its rich footballing heritage, it is also a multi-sport complex offering such facilities as an athletics track, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, a cycling circuit, a fitness gym, plus restaurant and conference facilities.

It also boasts some very impressive ‘wet leisure’ facilities, including a 50 metre long heated Olympic pool, which is 2 meters deep and with 10 lanes, each being 2.5 metres wide, plus a 25 metre covered pool. The 50 metre pool was recently upgraded with a new ‘state-of-the-art’ pool heating system.

The pool’s heating system was designed and installed by local heating specialists, EUTERMA, and included a total of 20 Rinnai natural gas systems to heat the pool water, linked to 10 Bowman FC100-5114-2S swimming pool heat exchangers. This combination has proved to be a ‘winning team’, as the system successfully heats the 2,500 m³ of pool water efficiently and maintains the required temperature.

The FC100-5114-2S is one of Bowman’s most popular swimming pool heat exchangers and is available in either cupronickel, stainless steel or titanium versions. For this installation, stainless steel units were specified and each unit can provide up to 110 kW heat transfer using 82 °C boiler water. These compact units are just 570 mm in overall length, are easy to maintain – the end covers and tube stack being removable for routine cleaning and maintenance and feature an integral 7 mm thermostat pocket for checking the pool water temperature.

Bowman swimming pool heat exchangers are used throughout the world for heating everything from spas and hot tubs to Olympic pools, in both commercial and domestic applications.