Buckingham Pools choose Bowman for York!

Bowman heat exchangers have been installed by Buckingham Pools at the new York Community Stadium Leisure Complex.

Three Bowman heat exchangers are at the heart of a new swimming pool suite at the stunning new York Community Stadium Leisure Complex.

Designed and built by Buckingham Pools, this new complex includes a state-of-the-art multi-pool design, incorporating a competition standard main pool, a constant depth training pool and a children’s interactive water play pool.

At 25 metres long, the main pool has 6 swimming lanes and was designed from the outset for fitness and serious swim training. The pool is heated via a Bowman GL140-3708-2 heat exchanger, one of the larger units in the Bowman range and is a truly impressive wet leisure facility!

The training pool has a constant depth of 0.9 metres, making it perfect for confidence building as swimmers can be easily observed and taught in complete safety. Here an EC120-5113-3, one of Bowman’s most popular models, maintains the ideal water temperature for the learning environment.

In the interactive water play pool, the water temperature is maintained at a constant 31 °C, making it the perfect place for babies and children up to 8 years old to enjoy a fun-filled, water play space. Heating is via a Bowman EC100-5113-2 heat exchanger, which ensures that water play is not only fun – it’s really warm too!

The swimming pools at York Community Stadium Leisure Complex combine excellence in design and detailed delivery, providing an end product that is focused on improving water confidence, encouraging swimming activities and having fun, in a versatile and flexible pool suite.

Bowman are proud to have been part of this solution.