Come on in, the water’s lovely – now!

Bowman solar heat exchangers resolve the problem of a cool pool.

When Martin Durant decided to replace the oil fired heating system in his West Sussex home, he wanted a renewable energy source that would not only heat his home and hot water, but also heat his two swimming pools!

Martin’s home has a 58 cu/m outdoor pool, plus a 44 cu/m indoor pool.

Having researched the available options, he decided on a Kensa ground source heat pump, which proved to be an efficient solution for both hot water and underfloor heating, but less so for the swimming pools, due to the poor heat transfer performance of the two stainless steel heat exchangers installed.

‘Unfortunately, at the time of installation, there was little information available on the best choice of heat exchangers for the Kensa system.’ said Martin ‘We had the two units running in parallel and the heat pumps would simply heat the water up to the cut off temperature of 40 ⁰C, cool down and then start the cycle all over again. Not enough heat was being transferred through the heat exchangers to heat the pool and it would literally take days to get to anything close to a reasonable temperature. Consequently the pools had been used very little over the last four years.’

Happily, Martin became aware of Bowman’s swimming pool heat exchangers and after discussions with Bowman’s technical team, he installed two EC160-5113-5S models. These units are designed for renewable energy systems and can operate with solar panels or heat pumps and the improvement was instant and dramatic!

‘I have found the new Bowman units to be unbelievably good, with typical temperature gains of around 5 ⁰C in just a day.’ Said Martin, ‘That figure compares very favourably with the previous oil boiler system, but what has really made the difference is the heat pump no longer stops and starts anymore. These two Bowman units really transfer the heat out of the water, keeping it below 40 ⁰C at all times, hence the pools are now really warm.’

The Bowman swimming pool heat exchanger range includes models designed for both renewable energy as well as conventional boilers. Efficient heat transfer comes as standard with every Bowman unit, due to a design which has more heat transfer tubes than most other competitor products. This translates into pool heat up times that are often up to three times faster, reducing energy costs, which save money.

Easy to install and maintain, Bowman swimming pool heat exchangers are designed and built to the highest quality standards and provide outstanding levels of performance and reliability.