Fit for a king

A Bowman heat exchanger has been specified for a stunning new swimming pool facility at King's School, one of England's great independent schools, with a history stretching back more than five hundred years.

Swimming is viewed as an essential life skill at King’s School. It can provide many health, fitness, and well-being benefits, so ample training opportunities are provided in its curriculum for learning development.

Consequently, when King’s School started planning its new campus near Macclesfield, a new swimming pool facility was considered an essential part of the overall scheme.

Working in partnership with Vinci Construction, Buckingham Pools, one of the UK’s leading pool specialists, provided a turnkey solution for the facility with a stunning new competition-sized pool as the focal point.

Measuring 25 m by 13 m wide, the pool depth varies between 1 m – 2 m and is ideally suited for the life-saving and survival skills taught as part of the curriculum, ensuring children learn to enjoy and respect the swimming environment!

In addition to training and development, the school runs a complete programme of competitive events throughout term time, including swimming galas and inter-school competitions, for which the new pool facility is perfectly suited!

Energy efficiency was an essential consideration in the pool’s design to keep running costs as low as possible. Consequently, a ‘state-of-the-art’ energy-saving heating system has been installed, plus an automatic commercial heat retention cover. The Bowman GL140 heat exchanger heats the pool efficiently, ensuring the water is always kept at the required temperature.

To ensure the pool is as elegant as it is functional, Buckingham Pools also specified Spectile Agrob Buchtal Chroma tiles for the perfect finishing touch.