Making Trump Turnberry An Even Greener Golf Destination

How Bowman heat exchangers are helping this internationally renowned golf destination reduce energy costs and CO₂ emissions.

EJ Bowman has helped reduce the carbon footprint of one of the ‘greenest’ locations in Scotland, Trump Turnberry Golf Course.

Keen to reduce its CO₂ emissions and energy costs by generating power independently on site, Trump Turnberry, which is one of the world’s premier golf courses, embarked on a review of both current energy usage and the projected future requirements, needed to support the growth of its expanding leisure resort business.

Trump Turnberry has been transformed from a seasonal golf destination, into a year-round ‘Luxury Collection Resort’, with a range of leisure opportunities that include a luxury hotel; a spa and fitness studio; sporting and outdoor leisure activities, plus a selection of restaurants and bars.

This transformation of the resort has seen its demand for energy increase and coupled with the need for guaranteed supply all year round, initiated the review and ultimately the selection of an independent CHP (combined heat and power) system.

Working in conjunction with I Power Energy Systems, a specialist USA CHP manufacturer, Bowman supplied a series of exhaust gas heat exchangers designed to recover waste heat from the generator’s exhaust stream and convert it to a valuable energy source, which can be used to provide heating and hot water within the resort. This process significantly increases generator efficiency, from around 35%, when generating electricity alone, to over 90% when recovering waste heat energy via the heat exchangers.

As the recovered heat is a by-product of the generator’s engine, no additional fuel is consumed and no extra CO₂ emissions are generated. The heat and hot water being effectively produced for ‘free’ and with no detriment to the environment.

Bowman, who have been producing heat exchangers for over 100 years, are a world leader in heat transfer technology and, working closely with I Power Energy Systems, provided units that delivered the level of energy to meet Trump Turnberry’s current and future projected requirements.

Terry Pahls of I Power Energy Systems said, “The significant improvement in “carbon footprint” for the hotel is the result of the high thermal efficiency of our CHP Gensets and a major contributor to this efficiency is the use of Bowman exhaust gas heat exchangers. We value our business relationship with Bowman and the high-quality of design and manufacturing we experience with their components”.