Energy-efficient heating for National Lido of Wales

Bowman heat exchangers are delivering 21st century reliability and efficiency to an historic open air pool complex in South Wales.

The National Lido of Wales – also known as ‘Lido Ponty’ – is an historic family attraction and the only one of its kind in Wales. Originally opened in 1927, a £6.3 million redevelopment programme has now restored this Grade 2 listed ‘Arts & Crafts’ style Lido to its former glory and transformed it into a premier outdoor pool attraction and adventure play park.

Re-opened in August 2015, the lido comprises three new heated pools; a 25 metre main pool, an activity pool and a semi-circular splash pool. It also includes a state-of-the-art Visitor Centre, restored 1920s turnstiles and changing cubicles designed to complement the newly built Waterside Café.

An important parts of the restoration project has been to find an energy-efficient heating solution for the pools and after deciding on the method of heating, the designers turned to Bowman to provide the heat exchangers.

The unique design of Bowman heat exchangers help pool operators achieve faster heat-up times, which reduces energy usage and COemissions. With more heat transfer tubes than most other products, Bowman units can heat pools often up to three times faster than other heat exchangers, reducing energy costs and saving money.

Gas boilers are used to heat the three pools via two Bowman heat exchangers – a PK190, the largest swimming pool unit Bowman make, which is suitable for pool capacities up to 1,500 Mᵌ (or 330,000 gallons), and transfers up to 1,055 kW of heat from 82⁰ C boiler water, plus a slightly smaller GK190, which has a pool capacity of up to 660 Mᵌ (145,000 gallons) transferring 556 kW of heat from 82⁰ C boiler water.

Lido Ponty is now firmly established as the major ‘wet leisure’ destination in Wales and since re-opening has proved immensely popular with visitors. On December 26th 2018, 700 visitors took to the water to take part in the annual Boxing Day swim!