…the swim spa was incredible!*

Biomass boilers and Bowman heat exchangers provide efficient and effective heating all year round at this luxury retreat.

Ashlin Farm Barns is a unique country holiday experience.

Located 5 miles from the city of Lincoln, it comprises five architect designed, luxury barns set in extensive grounds. Each barn accommodates up to 10 guests and is equipped and finished to the highest standards.

A key feature of the south facing gardens is the huge private swim spa provided with each property, which creates a stunning focal point in the sun deck area. Capable of accommodating all 10 guests, these luxurious spas have unsurprisingly proved to be a major guest attraction.


Maintaining the water temperature and ensuring the spas are re-heated quickly at guest changeover periods is extremely important for such a high end resort, as upon arrival, the first thing guests invariably want is to relax in their spa.

To ensure the water is always deliciously warm, the spas are heated from a centralised biomass heating system via individual Bowman heat exchangers installed to each swim spa. This solution provides extremely fast heat-up times with energy efficient running costs and has proved to be a reliable heating solution. And judging by the feedback above*, the guests seem to approve too!