Marine Engine Heat Exchangers

Bespoke cooling solutions for a range of popular marine engines from major OEMs, including coolant heat exchangers, charge air coolers, plus combined heat exchangers and exhaust manifolds, suitable for cooling marine engines up to 1 MW.

In addition to our standard marine heat exchanger range, Bowman also offer a number of models designed for specific engines, including Cummins, Ford, Mitsubishi and Perkins. These units are the perfect replacement for a failed OEM part. They also provide an easy solution for converting an industrial engine for marine applications using sea water as the cooling medium.

Product Benefits

  • OE design unit Easier installation on specific engine types
  • Simple selection Cooling performance designed for the engine
  • Premium quality UK manufactured, using quality components
  • Cost-effective Enables easier engine conversion for marine use
  • Heritage designs Suitable for older engine designs made under licence


OE Quality Parts

Many models combine the heat exchanger with the exhaust manifold enabling the unit to easily integrate into the engine's cooling system.

Comprehensive Range

A standard range of jacket water, engine oil and turbocharged air cooling solutions is also available, enabling industrial engines to be easily converted for marine use.

Simple to Maintain

Removable end covers enable the tube stack to be easily withdrawn from the outer shell, ensuring maintenance is simple and straightforward.


Current Range

The information below gives a general guide to the current range of bespoke marine engine heat exchangers. If the unit you require isn’t listed below, please contact us as a limited number of heat exchangers for certain obsolete British Leyland, Ford, Mercedes Benz and Perkins engines are still available.

If you need to replace obsolete heat exchangers and require one of our standard products, please contact us with details of the engine and your cooling requirements and we will help with the selection of suitable products.

Cummins Marine Engines

ModelBowman TypeApplication
4B/BT/BTA SeriesCB120-4109-3Heat Exchanger
4BT/BTA SeriesFG100-4075-2Charge Air Cooler
6B/BT SeriesCB140-4216-4Heat Exchanger
6BT SeriesFG100-4075-2Charge Air Cooler
6BTA SeriesGL140-4076-2Charge Air Cooler
6C/CT/CTA SeriesCC120-4173Heat Exchanger

Ford Marine Engines

ModelBowman TypeApplication
Type 2722/3/5FH440-3404Header Tank Heat Exchanger

Mitsubishi Marine Engines

ModelBowman TypeApplication
L Series: L2ML120-3992Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
L Series: L3ML130-3993Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
K Series: K3B/D/EMK130-3996Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
K Series: K4C/D/EMK140-3997Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
S Series: S3/L2MS130-4295Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
S Series: S4/L2MS140-4296Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold

Perkins Marine Engines

ModelBowman TypeApplication
4-99/107/108PE180-3483Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
4-236PE390-3674Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold
6-354PE580-3676Combined Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Manifold