FC100-5114-2 – 100 kW

The perfect choice for small and mid sized swimming pools with a domestic boiler.

Typical Heat Transfer from a boiler: 100 kW

The Bowman FC100-5114-2 is an efficient shell and tube heat exchanger which is suitable for heating swimming pools up to 180 m³, via a boiler heat source. It is easily installed into the pool pipework, has an integral thermostat pocket and is available with either a titanium, cupro-nickel, or stainless steel tube core.

Product Benefits

  • Proven – heats pools fast, reducing energy costs
  • Easy to install – solvent weld end covers with thermostat pocket
  • Durability – salt water and mineral rich fresh water compatible
  • Simple to maintain – easy disassembly for routine maintenance
  • Titanium models – full 10 year warranty on titanium materials


Simple to Maintain

The modular design means that end covers on all models are easily removable, enabling the tube stack to be easily extracted from the outer ‘shell’ ensuring all maintenance requirements are simple and straightforward.

Energy Saving

The faster a pool gets to the required temperature, the lower the energy costs! Bowman units heat pools up to three times faster and the result is reduced energy costs and improved pool availability.

Shell and Tube Design

The tube stack is packed with tubes and internal baffles to provide the largest and most effective surface area, enabling the unit to heat pools considerably faster than some competitors’ products.


Technical Drawing / Dimensions

Note – All dimensions in mm (except threaded connectors)

Performance Chart

*Not suitable for use on pools fitted with salt water chlorinators or salt water pools.

Performance Graphs / Pressure Drop Curves

Water Flow
As the graphs and table above illustrate, providing the right water flow volume is vital to the performance of the heat exchanger. If the flow rate of either the hot water supply, or the pool water circuit is too low, the heat exchanger will not perform at its designed efficiency and will be unable to transfer all the available heat energy in to the pool water. For more information, please read: Why doesn’t my pool heat up faster? 

Installation Diagram       

Refer to the following diagram for how to install the heat exchanger in the pool system. The heat exchanger can be mounted either horizontally or vertically as per the schematic.