If your pool isn’t heating up to the required temperature, there are a few possible causes. Using this checklist could help you locate the problem:

1: Do I have enough energy?
Whether heating your pool with a gas boiler, solar panels, a heat pump, or another energy source, it is important you have enough energy to do the job.

2: Do I have the right heat exchanger?
A common misconception is the larger the heat exchanger, the faster it heats the pool! However, this isn’t necessarily the case. There are many types of heat exchanger used to heat swimming pools and they differ dramatically in design, performance and heat transfer efficiency.

3: My heating system is adequate but my pool still fails to heat up!
Flow rates of both the hot and cold fluids are vital for the heat exchanger to transfer thermal energy to the pool. If the hot water flow rate is too low, the available energy will not be passed through the heat exchanger. However, the flow rate of the pool water is equally important.

4: And if you’ve done all that…
Even if all the equipment is adequately sized, there may still be other parts of the system creating issues that will need to be checked.

5: In summary…
This is a summary of a more detailed article designed to help identify problems with pool heating and heat exchangers. Read the complete article here.

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