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Bowman Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger

Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers – The Great Pressure Drop Myth!

Adding a heat exchanger to a gen-set's engine exhaust stream not only recovers valuable heat energy, it can also help to reduce pressure drop!

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What is an Intercooler and how does it work?

Intercoolers play a vital role in ensuring turbocharged engines operate at their optimum efficiency. Find out how they work and the types of intercoolers available.

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Bowman Swimming Pool heating

Why doesn’t my pool heat up faster?

If your pool isn’t heating up to the required temperature, there are a few possible causes. Using this check list could help you locate the problem:

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Bowman Hydraulic Oil cooler

Zinc anodes

Fed up of replacing zinc anodes on your cooler? Find out why Bowman heat exchangers don’t need them....

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Sealing rings for Bowman oil coolers

Clean hydraulic oil coolers quickly and safely

Keeping heat exchanger and oil cooler cooling tubes clean and clear from debris is a major issue. Bowman's Double Seal Retaining Flange offers an easy solution.

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Recovering waste heat from a biogas fuelled gen-set

Biogas is becoming increasingly popular for fuelling generating sets. But why only generate power when you can recover heat too?

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Bowman heated pool

How do I heat my pool faster?

It's a question asked so many times by pool owners. Yet the answer could be far simpler than you might expect!

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Terminal velocity..…Don’t let it kill your heat exchanger!

Ensuring the correct velocity of cooling medium through the heat exchanger is vital to the long term health of the unit. Get it wrong and results could be terminal.

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Bowman heated swim spa

How to heat a hot tub faster…

Significantly faster heat-up times and reduced energy costs. Why using an external heat source, linked to a Bowman heat exchanger, is revolutionising hot tub heating.

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Recovering waste heat from an engine powered gen-set

The benefits of recovering waste heat from an engine powered gen-set.

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Bowman exhaust gas heat exchanger

What is an exhaust gas heat exchanger?

An engine exhaust produces waste heat - and lots of it! Find out how an exhaust gas heat exchanger converts this heat into a valuable 'free' energy source.

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Is stagnant water killing your heat exchanger?

Water left inside for prolonged periods can ruin a heat exchanger. Here we show how to eliminate the danger of stagnant water contamination.

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