Industrial and Marine Intercoolers

Used to cool the hot, compressed air from the turbo before it reaches the engine, the intercoolers improve engine efficiency and reduce emissions for marine and land-based stationary engines.

Charge air coolers reduce the temperature of engine combustion air after it has passed through the turbocharger, improving the volumetric efficiency by providing a denser intake charge to the engine. Bowman manufacture a comprehensive range of charge air coolers designed for use with both marine and land-based stationary engines rated up to 850 kW.

Product Benefits

  • Compact design Saves space. Simplifies installation
  • Thermal calculations Provided quickly by our technical experts
  • Premium quality UK manufactured. Robust and reliable
  • Comprehensive range Suitable for heat loads up to 146 kW
  • Rapid delivery Extensive stockholding for fast response


Marine and Land Versions

For land-based installations, standard units are supplied with cast iron covers, or where sea water is used for cooling, marine specification end covers are fitted.

High Efficiency

Bowman charge air coolers provide extremely high levels of heat transfer due to the innovative design of the tube stack and baffle plates.

Easy Maintenance

The fully floating tube stacks can be easily removed from the body of the intercooler allowing for simple maintenance and cleaning.


Charge Air Coolers – Typical Performance and Dimensions

The following information offers a general guide to the performance and dimensions of our standard range of charge air coolers. For more detailed information on additional configurations and specific applications, please download the product brochure. Computer aided selection software (CAS) can be used to accurately select the correct heat exchanger specifically for your application.

Note – Marine charge air coolers – otherwise known as intercoolers – use materials suitable for sea water to be used as the cooling medium.  The drawing below is a marine charge air cooler and is fitted with Naval brass end covers.

Please contact us or your nearest stockist with the following information to receive a CAS selection:

  • Charge air mass flow rate
  • Charge air pressure and maximum allowable pressure drop
  • Charge air inlet and desired outlet temperature
  • Cooling water source, temperature and flow rate
The image above is representative of the range of Charge Air Coolers from EC120 to RK250.

Note – Hose connections are not available on PK and RK charge air cooler models. See the brochure for details of the flanged connections.

TypeEngine Power (kW)Charge Air Flow (kg/min)Heat Rejection (kW)Pressure Drop (kPa)Dim. A (mm)Dim. B (mm)Dim. C (mm)