Clean hydraulic oil coolers quickly and safely

Keeping heat exchanger and oil cooler cooling tubes clean and clear from debris is a major issue. Bowman's Double Seal Retaining Flange offers an easy solution.

The well documented problems of single use plastics that find their way into in our oceans and waterways is well known and has created the need to employ a more rigorous cleaning regime for hydraulic oil coolers to ensure the central tube core doesn’t become blocked by plastic residue, as well as other water-borne debris such as algae, oil deposits and general detritus.

Whilst this issue is understandably a growing concern in the marine industry, inland watercourses can suffer similarly, so that any process plant drawing water from rivers or reservoirs to cool hydraulic equipment, could find they experience similar problems.

Bowman hydraulic oil coolers are manufactured to a proven ‘shell and tube’ design which enables the tube stack to be easily withdrawn for cleaning, simply by removing a series of screws on the end covers.

However, cleaning hydraulic oil coolers can create a potentially dangerous hazard, as even when the oil has been drained from the cooler, the unit may still contain some oil residue inside. So removing the tube stack could result in oil being spilt on to the deck or floor, creating the potential for slip or fall hazards for operatives working on the unit.

Recognising this problem, Bowman have developed a solution that not only enables the tubes to be cleaned without removing the tube stack, but can also reduce the amount of time required for cleaning and maintenance.

Known as the ‘Double Seal Retaining Flange’ or DSRF, it is a clever piece of design which fits between the oil cooler body and a standard end cover. It enables the end cover to be removed for cleaning or inspection of the cooling water side, without disturbing the oil side.

In fact the DSRF completely eliminates the need to drain the hydraulic fluid during cleaning, which is an additional benefit as it not only saves time, it reduces the potential for contamination getting in to the oil, whilst it is stored during cleaning.

The DSRF unit is currently available for Bowman’s GL, GK, JK and PK hydraulic oil cooler ranges, with versions for both seawater or fresh water cooling media.

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