About EJ Bowman

Find out more about the company behind these great heat exchangers and oil coolers.

Celebrating 100 years of heat transfer technology

From our earliest beginnings, manufacturing radiators for an automotive industry still in its infancy, to the introduction of our first tubular marine engine oil coolers, and the subsequent development of the shell and tube heat exchanger design that formed the basis of our current range, Bowman has been at the forefront of heat transfer technology for 100 years – Click here to see our full history…

Today Bowman heat exchangers are as renowned for their quality and reliability as they are for their excellent heat transfer performance, which is why they can be found in some of the most challenging industry applications worldwide.

UK designed and manufactured, all Bowman heat exchangers are produced at our 6000 sq. metre manufacturing centre, where high quality standards are maintained throughout the production process.

Extensive stocks of components and finished products are carried at our distribution hub, which is supported by a network of globally based stockists, enabling the company to react quickly to customer requirements and provide fast delivery for our standard product range.

A family run business spanning four generations, today the company exports over 70% of all products manufactured to virtually every industrialised country in the world.

The service and support behind the products

At Bowman we have experienced engineers ready to help and advise you, whether the enquiry is for a product specification, quotation, technical information, order placement, order progressing or finance. Download the leaflet for details of the teams who can provide the information you need and respond to your requests quickly.

A commitment to quality

Quality is at the heart of Bowman heat exchangers and testament to this is the fact that many of our products are still operating reliably and efficiently, even after 25+ years of service. To ensure quality standards are maintained, we have a highly experienced team, with a thorough knowledge of the product range and the processes employed in their manufacturing and testing. In addition the company holds full ISO 9001:2015 certification and is able to provide witness test to satisfy Lloyds and BV requirements.  Read more and download our ISO certificate….

Bowman heat transfer technology

The excellent heat transfer performance of a Bowman heat exchanger is achieved primarily through the innovative design of the tube stack. The sheer number of tubes is much greater than many competitor products’, giving Bowman units a significantly larger surface area from which to transfer heat, whether for cooling an engine or a hydraulic system, or heating a swimming pool or CHP heat energy stream. The tubes run through a series of baffle plates, which not only support the tubes along their entire length, but are also cleverly designed to direct the cooling water in a travel path around and through the tube stack, in a way that delivers optimum heat transfer efficiency.

Bowman heat exchangers are available in a wide range of sizes, material specifications and performance options, including single, two and three pass flow versions, to suit application and cooling requirements. Units are available that are suitable for use with a variety of cooling media, including fresh water, sea water and mineral rich, or contaminated water.

For accurate product selection Bowman has also developed a technical programme to make it easy to select the correct product for an application. Simply by providing us with basic information of temperature, flow, heat dissipation and cooling medium used, we can quickly provide the most appropriate heat exchanger for your requirements.

A world of application opportunities

Bowman heat exchangers can be found operating efficiently and reliably throughout the world, in climatic extremes that range from the freezing depths of an Antarctic winter, to the searing heat of an Australian summer. Whether on land, sea or even deep underground, Bowman heat exchangers have proven themselves to be extremely durable, reliable and thermally efficient time and again. Used extensively throughout the marine industry for both propulsion and hydraulic system cooling, they are also to be found cooling all kinds of land-based engines, heating swimming pools and spas, recovering waste heat within biogas and CHP renewable energy, automotive engine testing, plus pumps, compressors, intercoolers and much more.

And with an international network of stockists and distributors, Bowman heat exchangers are available virtually anywhere in the world.