Fuel Coolers

Bowman 'copper free' fuel coolers are compact, highly efficient heat exchangers suitable for fuel conditioning rigs in the automotive testing industry.

Bowman fuel coolers are compact plate heat exchangers that deliver high efficiency heat transfer for fuel conditioning systems. Copper has been eliminated from the manufacturing process and replaced with materials that are suitable when coming into contact with modern ethanol based fuels.

Product Benefits

  • Copper free Suitable for ethanol based fuels
  • Simple installation Easily integrated into system pipework
  • Thermal calculations Available quickly from our technical specialists
  • Premium quality UK manufactured using 316 stainless steel
  • Wide range Suitable for transferring heat loads in excess of 50 kW


Suitable for Ethanol

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, using a brazing compound that is free from copper ensures the units are long-lasting in service and do not damage fuel injection systems that use ethanol based fuels.

High Efficiency

Comprising a series of stainless steel heat transfer plates, plus two outer covers vacuum-brazed together into an integral unit, this range of heat exchangers provide efficient fuel cooling with low flow rates of water.

Inline Installation

The unique design of the internal water flow arrangement enables the inlet and outlet connections to be axially inline, so the unit fits simply and neatly into system pipework.


Fuel Coolers – Typical Performance and Dimensions

The following information offers a general guide to the performance and dimensions of the standard product range of fuel coolers. For more detailed information on additional configurations please download the brochure. Computer aided selection software can be used to accurately select the correct heat exchanger specifically for your application.

Please contact us or your nearest stockist with the following information to receive a specific product selection:

  • Primary fluid details (fuel type / properties)
  • Primary fluid flow rate
  • Required outlet temperature / heat to be dissipated
  • Temperature and source of cooling fluid
Plate type - drawing
The image above is representative of inline plate heat exchanger models.

The figures given in the table are based on fuel entering the heat exchanger at 90 °C and cooling it to 40 °C using cold water entering the heat exchanger at 20 °C. The range is more extensive than the examples shown in the table below suggests, so, for more detailed drawings or dimensions, or to understand the performance of the units with alternative flow rates or temperatures, please download the brochure or contact us for further information.

ModelHeat Dissipated (kW)Water Flow (l/min)Dim. A (mm)Dim. B (mm)Dim. C (mm)Dim. D (mm)Weight (kg)