Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Many applications require stainless steel shell and tube heat exchangers and Bowman provide a standard range of units that are suitable for cooling or heating a variety of fluids.

Bowman stainless steel shell and tube heat exchangers have been developed for applications where either a contaminated cooling medium, or aggressive material, such as chemicals, synthetic oils or refrigerants are to be cooled and where lower grade materials would be unsuitable. They are suitable for heat loads in excess of 800 kW in a range of 21 standard models.

Product Benefits

  • Compact design Easily integrated in to process pipework
  • Thermal calculations Available quickly from our technical specialists
  • Premium quality UK manufactured using 316 stainless steel throughout
  • Wide range Suitable for cooling heat loads in excess of 800 kW
  • Simple to maintain Tubes can be cleaned without draining primary circuit


Shell and Tube Design

Bowman stainless steel heat exchangers feature a tube stack that is fixed within the outer body of the unit together with a unique arrangement of specially designed baffles, which provide efficient cooling performance.

Stainless Steel Construction

316 stainless steel is used throughout in the construction of these heat exchangers, with 9.5 mm tube used for the tube stack to provide maximum thermal efficiency.

Premium Quality

Bowman heat exchangers are respected for their high quality and long operational durability and have been proven in a wide range of challenging applications.

Extensive Range

The stainless steel product range comprises 21 standard product sizes, with a choice of heat loads from 9 kW to in excess of 800 kW and water flows from 120 l/min to more than 1000 l/min.

Rapid Delivery

Produced in our own UK based manufacturing centre, we hold extensive stocks of the most popular models enabling us to react quickly to customer requirements for shipment worldwide.

Simple to Maintain

As the tube stack is fixed, all cleaning and maintenance requirements can be carried out without the need to drain the primary circuit, saving time and eliminating the hazards of spillage.


Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers – Typical Performance and Dimensions

The following information offers a general guide to the performance and dimensions of the standard product range of our stainless steel heat exchangers. For more detailed information on additional configurations please download the brochure. Computer aided selection software can be used to accurately select the correct heat exchanger specifically for your application.

Please contact us or your nearest stockist with the following information to receive a specific product selection:

  • Primary fluid details (water or oil properties)
  • Primary fluid flow rate
  • Required oil outlet temperature
  • Heat to be dissipated
  • Temperature and source of cooling water
Stainless Steel - drawing
The image above is representative of Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger models.

The figures given in the table are based on cooling oil down to a temperature of 50 °C with water entering the heat exchanger at 25 °C and the dimensions refer to standard units fitted with three-pass end covers – for alternative configurations or to understand the performance of the units with water and other fluids please download the brochure or contact us for further information.

Model Heat Dissipated (kW)Oil Flow (l/min)Water Flow (l/min) Dim. A (mm)Dim. B (mm)Dim. C (mm)Weight (kg)
SF4511-4140 58074083447021979

Note – The maximum working pressure, both through and over the tubes of the heat exchanger is 20 bar. The maximum working temperatures are 200°C (oil) and 110°C (water).