Hot Tub Heat Exchangers

Bowman EC 80-5113-1T heat exchangers provide a new solution for heating spas and hot tubs in just a fraction of the time taken by traditional electric heaters.

Bowman EC 80-5113-1T heat exchangers provide a new solution for heating spas and hot tubs in just a fraction of the time taken by traditional electric heaters. Designed for use with an external boiler heat source, they can heat hot tubs in around 1 hour, using pre-heated water, or just 3-4 hours using ambient temperature water. And with the cost of electricity being much higher than gas or biomass, energy costs are substantially reduced too!

Product Benefits

  • Faster heat-up Can heat hot tubs in around 1 hour
  • Cost saving Reduces energy costs significantly
  • Premium quality Titanium tube core for long life
  • Compact design Fits directly into spa pipework
  • Heat sources Can be used with gas, LPG and biomass boilers


Faster Heat-Up

Even using pre-heated 25 °C water, it can still take more than 6 hours to achieve full temperature with an electric heater. A Bowman heat exchanger plus an external heat source, can reduce this to around 1 hour.

Energy Saving

Electric heating is expensive and often double the price of gas or biomass heating. Switching to a Bowman heat exchanger with external boiler could slash heating costs dramatically.

Compact Design

Though compact in size, it’s big on performance, capable of increasing the pool water by 10 °C to 12 °C per hour and is easily installed into the existing spa water circuit.

Shell and Tube Design

Hot water from the external boiler enters the heat exchanger and circulates inside the outer ‘shell’ of the unit and over the tube core, whilst spa water travels through the tubes collecting heat on the way.

Titanium Tube Core

The tube core is manufactured from titanium, one of the most durable materials available and perfect for spas and hot tubs. All titanium materials in contact with pool water come with a 10-year guarantee.

External Heat Source

Bowman EC80 heat exchangers can be used with virtually any types of external heat source, including gas, biomass, LPG boilers, ground and air source heat pumps, plus the latest hybrid systems.


Spa Heat Exchangers – Typical Performance and Dimensions

The table below enables the selection of the most appropriate heat exchanger for your swimming pool or spa. The information shows the amount of heat that can be transferred from conventional and condensing boilers, together with the basic dimensions of each unit.  Additional heat exchangers are available but the two options shown are suitable for all hot tubs and swim spas. For further information please download the product brochure, contact us or your nearest stockist.

Bowman Hot tub heat exchanger drawing
The image above is representative of spa heat exchangers for boilers rated from 12 – 50 kW.

Note – Ratings and weight are specifically relevant to the titanium versions of each heat exchanger. Download the brochure for more detailed information. The heat-up times are estimated and based upon heating from ambient water temperature (quicker heat-up times can be achieved with pre-heated water).


Part NumberSpa Size (m³)Heat-Up Time (hours)Max Pool Flow (l/min)Heat Transfer at 82°C (kW)Heat Transfer at 60°C (kW)Dim. A (mm)Dim. B (mm)Dim. C (mm)Weight (kg)

*Heat-up times are based on the volume of water being heated from 15 °C – 39 °C with boiler water at 82 °C. Times may vary depending on ambient temperature and insulation of the spa during heating.