Swimming Pool Heating

Quality heat exchangers for efficient swimming pool heating, using boiler or renewable energy heat sources.

Bowman swimming pool heat exchangers offer outstanding heat transfer performance, heating pools significantly faster – often up to three times faster – reducing energy costs and saving money.

At the heart of this superior performance is the design of the unit’s tube stacks, which not only includes more heat transfer tubes than most competitor products’, they also feature a novel internal baffle arrangement which forces the incoming hot water to travel through the unit in a configuration that achieves the most efficient heat transfer.

Renowned for their quality and long-life durability, all models are available with titanium, as well as stainless steel and cupronickel tube stacks to suit installation requirements and customer preferences. Titanium, being especially durable, is suitable for use with any type of pool water, including saline pools and salt water chlorinators, as it resists attack from most aggressive chemicals indefinitely.

Bowman offer a comprehensive range covering virtually every pool size, from small domestic, to Olympic size swimming pools, in a range of 10 different sized models, for pool sizes ranging from 40 m³ to 1,689 m³ and with heat transfer rates from 20 kW to 1,170 kW (based on 82 °C boiler water).

The popular EC and FC heat exchanger ranges feature composite end covers and solvent weld connectors, enabling them to be easily installed directly in to the pool’s pipework.

Bowman also offer a range of swimming pool heat exchangers for use with renewable energy systems, for pool owners wishing to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. These units are specially designed to work with the lower temperature water from solar panels and ground source heat pumps and need less energy to heat pools to the required temperature.