CHP Solutions for Gen-Sets

Recovering waste heat energy from engine powered generating sets for biogas, diesel and natural gas applications up to 1 MW.

Adding heat recovery to an engine powered gen-set is an effective way of recovering a cost-effective energy source that would otherwise go to waste, whilst increasing engine efficiency from around 30% (power only) to in excess of 80% (combined heat & power).

Around 50% of all fuel input into the engine can be recovered as heat energy and Bowman manufacture a range of heat exchangers that can recover this from virtually every part of the engine, including the exhaust stream, jacket water cooling, turbo charged induction air, plus oil lubrication and fuel cooling.

Recovered heat can be used for a wide range of domestic, commercial or industrial uses, including district heating, hot water, process heating, generating additional electricity, grain drying, fuel pre-heating, or running a chiller for comfort cooling.

Excellent heat transfer efficiency, UK manufacture and high quality standards are just some of the reasons why Bowman are leaders in waste heat recovery solutions for gen-sets.